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VOXX Electronics Corporation is the recognized leader of the In-Vehicle rear seat entertainment category with over 20 years of experience crafting some of today’s most technologically advanced products for both the OEM and aftermarket space.


This year brings on a whole new level of features with our Dual Seatback Entertainment System. Our systems bring old school technology like DVD playback and current technology like HDMI access, built-in wifi access (Hotspot required), and downloadable apps together so that all users can access and playback the content they choose without any restrictions regardless of age.

Got a little one in the back who just can’t reach the intuitive touchscreen?  Our VOXX Link app for Android® and Apple® smartphones and tablets allows full system control of the monitors from anywhere in the vehicle. This means mom or dad in the front seat has the ability to fully control the system and select content from anywhere in the vehicle without having to see the actual monitors.


Stop the screaming, start streaming and have smiles for miles!

Vehicle Entertainment on a whole new level. The AVXSB10UHD allows you to download your favorite APPS, play your DVD Collection and control the seat-back system from anywhere in the vehicle.


Universal Dual 10.1" Seat-Back Entertainment System

The VODP10 10.1" Hi-Def digital overhead system transforms any backseat into a traveling entertainment center featuring HDMI/MHL inputs that give the user direct connection to any HDMI/MHL enabled device: smart phones, tablets, even Smart-TV devices.


10.1" Hi-Def digital LED back-lit monitor with built-in DVD player and HDMI/MHL Inputs

Audiovox is delivering more choices in device connectivity, and access to enhanced entertainment. Our systems incorporate certified HDMI/MHL inputs that give the user direct connection to any smart phones, tablets, even Smart-TV devices.


Custom Headrest Rearseat

Entertainment Systems

The Movies2Go AVX10USB universal seatback mobile video system fits most vehicles. This system features a large 10" LED back-lit panel, HD input for Smart Device Connectivity for streaming content, integrated DVD player, universal mounting bracket.


Universal Seat-back System

The AVXMTGHR9HD entry-level headrest system is our largest universal headrest system with a massive 9-inch monitor! The system features a built-in DVD player, HDMI/MHL inputs, adjustable viewing angles and more

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 3.10.21 PM.png

Universal Seat-back System

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